Virtually secure:
VCISO positions put data security expertise within reach

High-level data security is table stakes in the clinical trials industry, but with security challenges constantly evolving, keeping pace with developing threats may seem like too big a job for one person. 

Fortunately, smaller companies that lack the budget for a full-time data security team don’t need to fall behind. A virtual chief information security officer (VCISO) can provide the benefits of a full team for a reasonable cost. Hiring a VCISO offers a number of potential benefits. For one, a VCISO offers a team of experts with complementary skill sets. One may focus on security regulations within your industry, for example, while another acts as liaison with vendors to oversee security improvements and another focuses on managing a compliance and risk assessment team. Depending on your specific needs, VCISO teams may offer other support as well. 

A VCISO team provides the knowledge and background necessary to work with companies on security policies and procedures. They can work with your team to assess and address security risks, and will work with you to test systems once they are in place. 

Most medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies require core labs to have a CISO or similar position before they will consider working with you. With such talent in short supply, companies may have to be creative about how they address these needs. A VCISO gives companies access to a diverse collection of talent at a without the expense or hiring challenges involved in hiring those positions individually.