Security & Trust Center

Technology is a great enabler, particularly in the world of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. However, without the right infrastructure and protections, technology can provide an inroad for cyber criminals. HeartcoR Solutions is committed to continually evolving our approach to security, privacy, legal and compliance, trust and safety, and transparency to benefit and protect clinical trial sponsors and participants.

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  • At HeartcoR Solutions, we take security seriously. Our systems are designed using industry-standard encryption and access control mechanisms to protect customer data from cyber threats and unauthorized access.
  • Our incident management process provides the instructions for HeartcoR to detect and respond to security breaches that could compromise customer data.
  • We have a robust, ongoing cybersecurity training program for all personnel.


  • Protecting human privacy is a top priority for HeartcoR Solutions. We have established privacy policies and practices to protect customer data.
  • HeartcoR collects and manages customer data only as required for study administration and provides customers with options to control their data.
  • We minimize the data we collect to ensure that we only store the minimum required customer data.
  • HeartcoR does not share or sell customer data.


  • The HeartcoR Solutions’ security program is built on the ISO 27001 information security management standard, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • We handle customer requests to access, modify, or delete their data in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • We are committed to ethical and legal practices in all aspects of our business.


  • At HeartcoR Solutions, we are committed to the integrity of the services we provide. We use best-in-class clinicians, clinical operations staff, and ECG recording and analysis technologies.
  • Our policies, practices, and cyber security awareness programs help mitigate fraud, scams, and other forms of abuse, building trust with our customers through transparency and open communication.


  • At HeartcoR Solutions, we believe that transparency without compromising security or privacy of data is essential to building trust with our customers and is central to fostering positive relationships.
  • Data owners may request to have their personal information modified or deleted from HeartcoR Solutions systems in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.