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Find your fit for early-phase clinical trials

Early-phase clinical trials are tremendously important to the development of any new pharmaceutical, yet that value isn’t always reflected in the way some core labs service them. Because these studies are often small in size, Phase I and II studies frequently fail to receive the same level of attention as do late-stage trials involving more subjects.

Far too often, researchers report that the large core labs they hoped to partner with for 12-lead ECG cardiac safety research are slower to respond and more likely to assign junior personnel to their studies. They also frequently lack dedicated support services, making the process of getting help inefficient. That can be frustrating for researchers who handle interactions with core labs themselves. Small labs may be more responsive, but may not have the resources and expertise to adequately support researchers.

Ideally, researchers will find a lab in the sweet spot between too big to respond and too small to perform. Such labs typically offer short turnaround times and the agility to adapt to the evolving needs of an early-phase trial. They will have access to powerful technology that streamlines the research process and the technical expertise to address issues as they arise. Finally, they offer a single point of contact and a more personal touch for researchers.

According to clinicaltrials.gov, there are more than 8,300 Phase I and Phase II trials currently recruiting subjects, and each one has the potential to yield important results. Those trials deserve the same excellent support as larger, late-phase trials.

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