Meet the Team:
Terry Knapp, Associate Project Manager

Would-be astronaut, amateur author, and informatics nurse keeps cardiac safety trials on track with technical acumen and a caring attitude

The heart of HeartcoR Solutions is a team of employees who combine diverse backgrounds, interests, and personalities to form a team with the skills and commitment required to complete studies on time and within budgets. We’re proud to introduce you  to the employees who work behind the scenes to keep research projects running smoothly. This week, meet Associate Project Manager Terry Knapp. 

Describe what you do at HeartcoR Solutions.

As an Associate Project Manager, I wear many hats. I may call a patient to troubleshoot a device, reach out to assist a site location with information, or scrub through data. Each day is a little different, but at the core, I am happy to assist my teammates and bring my nursing empathy to all I meet: peers, patients, sites, and sponsors.

How long have you been with the company?

Over a year.

Why do you like working at HeartcoR Solutions?

HeartcoR is a leader in taking care of both data and people. The bar is set very high for complete, thorough, and accurate data that meets or exceeds safety and study needs. Executive staff treat people within the organization as family: encouraging, teaching, and leading others to bring out their best work. They also encourage a close connection among business partners at all levels to enhance communication and build relationships.

What special skill or perspective do you bring to your job? 

I bring my unique perspective as an informatics nurse to my job. This includes skill sets such as caring for patients, understanding technology, managing projects, and knowing workflow patterns. I enjoy sharing those skills with others to make their day brighter and easier.

What was your dream job as a child?

My dream job as a child was to become an astronaut and share acquired knowledge with any I met in my space travels.

What would people be surprised to learn about you? 

I write short stories, mostly in epic fantasy.

Who inspires you and why?

Einstein. He believed that imagination and knowledge go hand in hand and encouraged deep, contemplative thinking.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I read, write, and take care of my four little girls.

How has working for HeartcoR influenced your view of healthcare?

There are many avenues to take care of patients, and HeartcoR has added another facet: data. The reliable data delivered in our clinical trials ensures the safety of the patients both now and in the future.

What one thing would you like clients and prospects to know about the HeartcoR team?

The team here at HeartcoR is professional, willing to share their talents, and always eager to learn to provide even more.

Is there a lesson you’ve learned from your teammates that you carry with you every day?

None of us are silos. We rely on each other to complete complex tasks, and learn with each other as we go.

Want to know more about how Terry and our team of HeartcoR employees can support your next cardiac safety trial? Contact us today to learn why HeartcoR is a top core lab partner to four of the largest global healthcare companies in the world, as well as startups seeking market approval.